Monicor MR is an efficient and comprehensive system

for personal health checks

and correction of bodily functions

This health control and correction system is:

  • Very informative
  • Very fast
  • Very easy to use
  • Scientifically proven and without side effects!

Monicor offers:

A 3-minute health check evaluating real-time body parameters and systems

Monicor MR gives you a clear picture of the state of your meridian system: Detects weak energy flow or lack of energy in the meridians and then corrects and then balances these meridian flows.

Symptom analysis.

Effective acupuncture

Detects and then corrects weak acupuncture points – an effective acupuncture WITHOUT needles!

Disease risks

Shows potential disease risks and shortages or excess energy in organs and systems



Controls which foods, nutrients and supplements fit your body


Shows your biorhythms (when you are strong/weak intellectually, physically, mentally, intuitionally)

Symptom correction

Symptom correction that normalizes, balances, corrects organs and systems (immune, nervous system, lymphatic system, endocrine system)

Balancing the brain

Color and music therapy improves brain functions by balancing brain rhythms, which in turn balances the nervous system and hormone system.

Real-time analysis

Real-time analysis of the effects of other therapeutic methods

Deactivates bacteria

Detects and deactivates bacteria, parasites and viruses

This is how Monicor MR works

Each organ and body part has its vibrations that reflect the biochemical parameters of the organs. If problems occur in an organ or body part, the vibrations there will change, and through these changes we can control the physical condition of the body

Monicor reads frequencies from the entire body…

…from all organs and body parts and analyses these by comparing with normal values and then presents the health status of these organs and body parts.

If there are deviations from normal values, the system can correct the frequencies which allows the body to improve or restore its organs and body parts. Monicor also reads the frequencies in acupuncture points and sees which points are weak. By choosing the weakest points and correcting these, Monicor offers optimal acupuncture treatment – without needles! The program in Monicor’s database recognizes the frequencies from the most common existing parasites and can check if any of these are active in the body.

If so, it can deactivate the parasites. The uniqueness of the Monicor MR is that it is able to both analyze your current health condition and then select the exact treatment you need the most and also correct any deviations in parameters.

Checking the effects of other therapies

Another great feature of the Monicor MR is that you can check the effects of other therapies on the body.

It can be with Aquatone, Triomed, acupuncture, reflexology or aromatherapy etc. Monicor MR can also correct the health status in real time (4 minutes/session) as well as check how the treatment progresses. The program shows you exactly how your body reacts to different supplements and other substances. You can also use the results of the scan and transfer the information to a small magnetic strip which you attach to the acupuncture point the program shows, thus continuing the treatment at home.

Monicor is easy to use, very affordable, easy to bring along, and it will increase the efficiency of other treatments by 80-90%, thereby creating a great potential for an increased client base. But also non-professionals can use this system very easily on themselves and their family to check their health and perform treatments. Monicor MR has received many awards and much praise internationally.

Who is the Monicor MR for?

Both therapists and non-professionals

Chiropractors, acupuncturists, nutritional therapists, reflexologists, naturopaths, psychologists.

Many therapists in Sweden have already been able to double and triple their customer base in a short time!



”I have been using the Monicor now for several months, with astonishing results, and I can only say: THANK YOU, BORIS! Wow!!!
What an amazing aid it is! …”

Helena Tibblin