Aquatone – the Ultimate Health Tool

Aquatone is a unique health tool that works as a tuning fork for the body’s fluids and is able to eliminate stagnations in the body – which is the main cause of most health problems.

Aquatone is a tuning fork for the body’s fluids

The body consists of approx. 70% of water, and all biochemical reactions occur in water. Therefore, the condition of the body’s water has a crucial impact on our health. The blood, lymph and the cellular fluids consist of water, and when waste products, toxins and dead cells build up, stagnation, inflammation, myoma and even tumors are formed. The water in the body has its frequency, just as all the organs, and its frequency changes when stagnations occur.

A unique health tools

Aquatone is a unique health tool which works as a tuning fork for the body’s fluids and is able to eliminate stagnations in the body – which is the main cause of most health problems. In a completely natural way, the Aquatone restores the body’s aquatic vibrations, thus reducing or eliminating inflammatory processes and many other problems.

The best detox tool

Aquatone is the best detox tool on the market. There are many ways to detox the body, juicing and other methods, but these methods only have temporary effects as the metabolism is constantly active and the liver, the kidneys and the lymph need to be detoxed continuously. Aquatone also helps strengthen cognitive abilities as the memory improves when brain fluids become structured.

What is so special about the Aquatone?

Improves features

Can improve functions in any organ, thanks to the fact that water is everywhere in the body.

Super weak frequencies

Completely without side effects, thanks to, body like, super-weak frequencies

Aquatone improves the effectiveness of any other therapy

As the Aquatone improves the environment of the blood, lymph and the inter-cellular fluids, it creates the foundation for other kind of therapy to become more effective

Scientific Studies on Aquatone

4 scientific studies prove that our genes function better after having used the Aquatone. You can read more about these studies here.


What do our customers think of the Aquatone?

”So many positive things have happened with my health. Imagine being able to change chronic cardiac fibrillation (of 20 years), something that would have cost 200 000 SEK to fix in France, according to my cardiac specialist. Also, my husband’s health has improved.

You knew I had a thyroid problem; but with the help of ”Aquatone” , ”the Power of Thought”, Triomed, ”Smart Breathe” and vitamin/mineral-therapy, my thyroid now functions completely normally. Thank you so much!”

Maj Lis Renqvist

”I am currently testing the efficiency of AQUATONE on the body.

Aa always, I am very skeptic to all new things, but also curious. Aquatone intrigued me as it is said to structure the body’s water molecules. And as we primarily consist of water, I thought this ought to be a natural way for the body to recover.

Contrary to other frequency devices, Aquatone is applicable on the EYES. I wanted to see if there was a visible and fast effect. In order to have some sort of reference, I initially used Aquatone only on the right eye. After seven short treatments (each 10 minutes/day) at home, I noticed that many of my age- and sun-related wrinkles had disappeared. I didn’t recognize myself! Could this be possible? On the left side of my face, the wrinkles were still there. I have now also treated my left side with Aquatone and have noticed a clear difference on my face as its fluids have been restored. I am so happy that there is an alternative to face lifts and botox!”

Ann-Marie Näslund

”I’m very happy and grateful for my Aquatone!

A couple of months ago, I discussed my lyme disease with Boris and how I could strengthen my immune system in order to be free of all the reoccuring summer infections, penicillin and generally feeling bad… Now, after having used Aquatone for about 45 days, I keep the lyme disease at bay, sense a new balance in my body and soul…sleep better than ever, have lost weight and, psychologically, fears and worries have been significantly reduced.

Thank you so much Boris, for letting me know about this amazing tool, which ”tunes” my body and soul into great health!!”

Vivianne Alvarsdotter

“A treatment without including an energetic concept is meaningless.”

Prof. Albert Szent-Gyorgyi – Nobel price winner of 1937