Check your health status with a new unique technique – the Alfa!

The Alfa system analyses heart- and brain activity.
Control the efficiency of your therapy.
Find out how various activities affect your health. Before and after.

Stay updated on your health levels

An analysis in 5 minutes

It takes 300 heart beats and only approx. 5 minutes to gather the information. You will be presented with 10 physiological indicators.

Stress Test

A test on how your body reacts to physical activity and mental stress. Check the balance of your nervous system and choose the correct therapy.

Energetic Resources

Check the energy production of your cells and how your energy resources are being used. Observe the effects of a therapy in real time. Biological age.


300 heart beats giving you extensive information

The measuring method of the Alfa system is an electro-cardiogram which analyses the heart frequency variability.

A heart beat has several different intervals. Each interval is regulated by different parts of the nervous system. The analysis of the relationship between intervals reveals extensive information about:

  • processes for heart frequency regulation,
  • the autonomous nervous systemet,
  • the rhythms of brain activity;

All the systems and the inner organs of the body are synchronized

The Alfa system enables discovery of a pathological condition before the first symptoms appear.

The body’s systems and organs are interconnected and synchronized, and changes in an organ or system affect all the other organs and systems. With the aid of the Alfa system, we are able to check the functional status of the body and also how the systems react to challenges or therapies.



The HRV method is the best method to detect stress

The very informative HRV-method is used in space medicine.

HRV: Heart Rate Variability: variable heart rhythm. HRV is a well-known concept among physiologists all over the world.

HRV was first developed in 1960 and has been approved by The European Society of Cardiology and The North American Society. The HRV method is backed up by many years of scientific research.

This method discovers the level of stress in functional systems, or in other words, the stress level.

The Alfa system is a professional wellness tool for everyone

One of the many advantages of the Alfa system is that it is very easy to use.

No specific training is needed in order to operate the program. The Alfa’s health check program presents the effects of therapeutic treatments – in pictures and diagrams.

It is recommended to use the Alfa system regularly in order to check your health status when consuming biologically active food additives, undergoing fasts and detoxes, massages and zone therapy.

Holding the hand on the puls. Areas of application.

It is also necessary to regularly check your health status when going through weight loss treatments.

When using physiotherapeutic devices, the Alfa system not only provides a monitoring of your health status, it also allows you to choose time of exposure, duration and frequency.

The system is also effective for a consistent monitoring of health for those regularly working out. Regular checks enable you to select the individual intensity and length of your physical activity.

Managing the rhythms of your brain activity – a powerful tool for your health

We know that meditation activates the brain’s theta rhythm.

Energy visualization in the form of meditation opens access to your subconscious resources.

To learn how to do this, you need feedback, you need to understand what happens on the highest level of the body’s regulation and its health.

The Alfa’s health checks allow you to control the biological activity of the brain, which means that you are able to learn and consciously control the brain’s rhythms and access the power of your subconscious.

The Alpha- and Theta rhythms are the key to the subconscious

To increase the body’s resources and to help the body to deal with a problem, the body needs to function optimally. In particular, in an active alpha rhythm, the body’s brain hemispheres become synchronized, which maximizes the body’s healing ability.

Theta (4-8Hz) denotes deep relaxation, meditation, learning, insights and access to the unconscious content of emotions and dreams. The presence of theta mixed with alpha, indicates personal insight and creativity. A high level of theta indicates that you have a strong contact with your subconscious.

The Alpha rhythm

Alpha (8-13Hz) Relaxation and conscious attention, creativity.

Alpha is the most dominant of the brain waves. Most people have some alpha activity, especially when they close their eyes, relax and turn their attention inwards – then, both the presence and the amplitude of alpha activity increases. Breathing exercises relax you and increase the alpha rhythms.

A high level of alpha indicates balance between the right and the left hemisphere.

The Beta rhythm

Beta (13-30Hz) Concentration, thinking, problem solving, active attention, alertness.

These are the brain waves during a normal awake state, associated with active, outward directed, thought and attention and problem solving. Mental tension, excitement and anxiety can increase both the amplitude and frequency of the beta waves. A high level of beta waves indicates high brain activity.

The Delta rhythm

Delta (0,5-4Hz) ) is most active during sleep but can also be activated during meditation, hypnosis, healing and restoration. A high level of delta indicates a passiv state but can also indicate sleep disorders.

Alfa Possibilities

Alfa Possibilities

Short about the Alfa system

The ALFA system performs a fast and objective check of the client’s health status with the aid of these procedures:

  • A dynamic observation. Monitoring in real time
  • A simultaneous presentation of the results from two observations for a comparative analysis
  • An evaluation of the condition of the vegetative system via a variation analysis
  • An evaluation of the hormonal regulation and the energy resources of the organism via a neuro-dynamic analysis
  • An evaluation of the psycho-emotional condition via mapping of the brain’s bio rhythms
  • An evaluation of the body’s biological age and adaptation ability
  • An extensive functional status evaluation.

The Tension index

This index shows how tensed the regulating mechanisms of the body are when it comes to deliver oxygen to the cells and maintain homeostasis (balance). Normal value: 10-100. Various challenges, exaggerated physical exercise, intoxification and aging processes increase this index, which wears out the body.

The Vegetative equilibrium index

This index is connected to the Tension index. It shows the balance or the imbalance between the sympathetic and the parasympathetic nervous systems and to what degree the central nervous system is involved in the process. To achieve optimal bodily health and balance, the parasympathetic and the sympathetic nervous systems need to be balanced.

The Psycho-emotional index

The program shows you which psycho-emotional condition is connected to the results of the measurement.

Brain waves

Our brain waves can be compared to the gears in our car – they are good for various tasks. The key is to know how to use the correct ”gear” at any moment. There is a direct connection between a person’s level of activity, or attention, and its brain wave frequency: In a normal awake state, all waves are active. Depending on what we are doing and in which psycho-emotional state we are in, some waves are more active than others.

Hormone regulation

Science has proven that the synchronization of rhythms and hormonal balance are related and that an improved synchronization also reflects as an improved hormonal balance.

Energy resources

 One of the major functions of the Alfa system is to keep check on the body’s production of energy. As soon as the system is telling you that you are lacking energy due to exaggerated physical exercise, stress, a cold etc., it is recommended to take action to restore your body so that it can resume its normal energy production.

Health Complex analysis

The index of the functional condition
This index presents the condition of the body’s systems. They are the same values as the indicators shown on the starting page (EKG). But here, it is possible to compare the values of two measurements.
The Complex health index
This index shows you the total health index by summarizing the various values.

The Resource analysis

Body strength
This analysis shows you to what degree you batteries are charged, i.e., which adaption ability you have. It shows you how long your resources will last today and the next 10 days. If your %-value on bodily strength is lower than the value of the Complex health index, it is a sign that you are living life a bit too hard – running on overdrive, exercising too much etc. In the long run, this will lead to a decrease in the health index value.
Gerontological curve
This function shows you how your life rhythm corresponds to your actual age.

The program ”Alfa Energy”

The program ”Alfa Energy”

The body’s energetic parameters


For the first time, we are able to check the status of the body’s energetic parameters by reading the pulse. We do this with the Alfa system, which is able to check the body’s physiological parameters. We are able to measure energies thanks to the information technologies and mathematical analyses performed by Russian scientists, who have found connections between the physiological and the energetic parameters by measuring a person’s pulse. This makes it possible to see the condition of a person’s aura and energetic centers, the so called chakras, as well as the condition of the energy meridians.


The term ”Chakra” is well-known and originates from the old Indian medical tradition. But not many people are aware of the fact that the chakras are nerve knots which connect the body’s regulatory systems, and if the chakras are not functioning as they should, problems may arise in the inner organs connected to a chakra.The pulse is connected to the nervous system and thus it shows the condition of the chakras.


The Aura

The aura reflects the body’s ability to maintain balance and harmony on all physiological parameters, i.e. the body’s adaptation ability. Modern information technologies have made it possible to find connections between the functions of the nervous system, the hormone system and the energy meridians.

Energy meridians

The program shows you which meridians are under-functioning and allows you to check which treatment would be most suitable in order to improve the energy flow in those meridians. The program ”Alfa Energy” is one of the best available tools there are for evaluating the efficiency of various treatments, such as supplements, mental modalities and bio-energy techniques.

The great advantages of the Alfa system

The Alfa system is an amazing tool which can be used by anyone to check:

1. Your health status. In which condition your health resources are in or to what degree your body’s battery is charged
2. The efficiency of various treatments
3. How to dose various treatments
4. Know which physical exercises to choose
5. Which supplements suit you
6. Learn about your mental activity
7. Deal with stress