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Every health problem is related to the whole body, and working only with symptoms means that the problem persists. Our company uses health methods which strengthen the entire body and thus treat the cause of the problem.

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Humans Resources AB

Every health problem is related to the whole body and working only with symptoms means that the problem persists. Our company uses health methods that strengthen the whole body and thus treat sit also the cause of the problem.

Health tools

Our health tools aim at correcting the body’s internal biochemical processes.

Health Knowledge

Our health knowledge is based on thousands of years of experience from Eastern medicine.

Health Checkup

We use different equipments to monitor the energetic potential of the body.

Our Health Programs

10 Steps to Rejuvenation

10 videos + 10 PDF’s

With the aid of the power of thought, quantum physical tools, modern knowledge about nutrition and gut bacteria, this program teaches you how you can affect the whole human being and correct all the body’s structures. The program consists of 10 educational videos, an additional video with practical exercises and 10 PDF’s.

The power of thought at the cellular level

6 modules + 25 exercises

This is an interactive program consisting of over 30 animated exercises which will help you to easily detox the body, improve the energy flow and functions of the internal organs. Animations and music help you to better connect to your subconscious

The Tibetan Healing Miracle

6 VIDOES + 6 PDF’s

This is a unique and practical program which covers the entire body and the psyche. When you use the exercises in the program, you will be able to correct the skeleton and the spine, balance the hormon system and nervous system, improve on almost all organs and body parts.

The principles of our health concepts

Man has an Information Structure

Human beings are mainly an information structure from which all biochemical processes are controlled. In order to get the best results from health work, the information structure must be corrected. Thanks to the developments in quantum physics and our “tuning-fork concept”, we can improve our information structure and thus achieve levels of health which were previously unheard of.

Strengthening Your Own Healing Skills

People need to be aware that our body is an extremely complex information system and that it is impossible to force changes on the body – the body does the necessary changes itself. It is only the body who knows how to deal with health problems and diseases. By correcting the information structure with mental exercises and quantum physical tools, we can help the body to significantly increase its innate healing ability.

We use Super Weak Frequencies

There is a biological law – Arndt- Schultz law – which states that super weak frequencies stimulate the cell’s functions, tissues and organs. Average vibrations maintain functions. Strong frequencies inhibit functions. We only use super weak frequencies in our concept.

Mental Work as A Health Tool

Mental work is about getting in touch with the body’s internal organs, systems and tissues. It is possible because each organ, system and tissue have their vibrations. Special mental techniques can create resonance with the body’s structures and correct these.

Scientific Health Tools

Our health tools are scientifically tested and based on many years of research. Our tools are: the Smart Breathe™, the Aquatone Advanced, the Triomed CGI and the Monicor. Even our mental techniques have their roots in studies by scientists such as Dr. Bruce Lipton and Dr. Joe Dispenza.

Create Energy at the Cellular Level

Energy is created in the cells’ mitochondria and as the mitochondria have vibrations of their own, we can correct them and thus increase our cellular energy

Health tools we use

Aquatone Advanced

is the first device in the world which can improve or restore the structure of the water in the body. We know that the body consists of approx. 70% of water, and that the water in healthy people should have a, so-called hexagonal structure, which is a prerequisite for normal functions in the body. Over time, the water structure changes, and it can lead to various health problems.


Triomed CGI is the latest development in millimeter wave therapy and, thanks to this so-called Biotrem technology, we can offer you a device with super weak frequencies which tunes the cell membranes’ frequencies back to health. Just as Aquatone works as a tuning fork for water, the Triomed CGI is a tuning fork for the cells’ membranes. The importance of well-functioning cell memebranes cannot be under-estimated.

Why do you choose us?


We do not work with symptoms, we work with the whole human being


Our health concept is adapted to the modern man and woman


Our methods are easy to use


Our methods have been tested for a long time

Study from home

Our educational webinars

make it easier for people to aquire new knowledge about health via visual explanations – videos, images and animations.

Our customers love us

With a knowledgeable and interested staff, MR always provides a professional and warm response. I use several of MR’s products, including the use of the company. Breathing apparatus and Triomed CGI
Both products are unique of its kind and extremely effective when used properly. MR is a company whose products should often be mentioned in the media, as they are easy to use and really work. I often recommend MR’s products and concepts to friends and acquaintances.

Annette G

This company’s staff is very professional and has an amazing and knowledgeable scientist as an MD. Boris’ books contain an incredible amount of knowledge. It’s not easy to start thinking in a whole new way, so things probably takes time. I’m very happy and grateful that I have found my way to this company, the Humans Resources AB!

Ragna Hjelmquist

Humans Resources is a company with great knowledge, which is constantly updated. It provides inspiration and various tools and methods – aids to understand any deficiencies and the means to treat deficiencies. Information about how our thoughts affect us, how the basic things in life, like breathing, water, diet and exercise can be optimized. It also offers modern high-tech tools for analyzing, understanding and changing our internal processes. Human Resources AB is a company that stands for

exciting new ideas, proven old knowledge and innovative technology.

Margareta E