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Our health programs are created to help people attain health and harmony. You will learn a great deal about health and how to apply various exercises with the help of our digital programs, interactive digital courses, webinars and lectures.

Unique knowledge about health

In order to take the best possible care of your body, it is of utter importance that you have the right knowledge. Most people believe that correct nutrion and exercise is enough to stay healthy, but this is not entirely correct – there are additional measures you need to know about and to apply.

We teach you all about how your internal processes are reflected in vibrations, which change when there is a health problem. By correcting the vibrations with the aid of very weak vibrations (the chimera concept), we can improve the internal processes and thus help the body to restore itself.

Practice in Focus

The main component of our health programs is practical exercises, which are very easy to learn and to perform. The exercises aid the body to activate its own healing ability.

Exercises that produce results

The body is its the best doctor, and as we are only helping the body to improve its own healing capacity, the exercises become very effective.

10 Steps to Rejuvenation

Master the Art of Bioenergy Healing

The Tibetan Healing Miracle

Health Club 100+

CD “The Power of thought” Demo

Remote Healing

Healing course

The Power of thought 


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