Diagnostic complex Alfa consists of certified equipment of Dynamic Technologies (TU9442-001-50904116-2005) and additional software Alfa, designed for a comprehensive study of the functional state of the human body.

Alfa is designed to assess health and monitor the effectiveness of treatment. The principle of operation is to register and send the patient’s ECG to the computer where the data is processed and the calculation of indicators can be seen.

The method is based on the patented technology of in-depth analysis of heart rate variability developed by Dynamic Technologies. When creating the system, long-term research in the field of electrocardiosignal processing was carried out, on the basis of which a number of highly informative indicators for assessing the state of the organism were developed.

The peculiarity of the Alfa is the ease and simplicity of its practical application. To work with this system does not require special medical education. Diagnostic complex Alfa allows the practitioner to demonstrate the reaction of the body to the effects of drugs and medical procedures.


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